October 24, 2020
genuine car accessories

Why I choose genuine car accessories?

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Why spend on car maintenance?

Are genuine car accessories important? A car is a second biggest investment for many of us. Not only from a monetary point of view, but cars are also very close to our hearts from an emotional point of view as well. Since the cost of a car is pretty much higher, so the maintenance plays a major role as well. Slight neglect in taking care of a car can cost you a lot later. As a buyer, you may go for a budget car as per your comfort, but its always better to spend on the genuine car accessories a car because it is not just spending rather it is a way to avoid heavy expenses in the long run.

Why choose genuine car accessories?

The use of bad products may impact your overall performance of the car especially the mileage. Whereas, genuine car accessories really help in maintaining the company claims and makes a car the best mileage car. So, it is clear that the owner should take care of the car. But there are certain things that an owner should always be aware of. Yes, awareness towards the fake or cheap accessories. Mostly, accessories that claim a lot at a very low price range are not worth using in a costly asset like a car. Instead of making the car better, you may end up messing up with it. So, it is always advisable to go for genuine accessories especially when it comes to cars even if they cost you slightly high.

Reasons to choose genuine car accessories

There are many reasons for which, genuine accessories/parts need to be used in cars. As per the report of the Australian Automotive Industry, a huge safety risk is associated with the non-genuine parts which may put you in trouble.

Nowadays, the Indian government has become very strict to reduce the number of road accidents and so as focused a lot on the safety guidelines. In, fact car manufacturers can’t also compromise in safety features just for a slight cost-cutting. 

What is genuine and non-genuine car accessories?

High Quality

In general, genuine car accessories are the ones that are used by the manufacturers to make a vehicle. They are tried and tested. Those accessories/parts have gone through many trials. A lot of engineering runs behind it. Basically, they are the components responsible for your car to perform well while meeting the safety, comfort, mileage, and durability expectations/claimed.

Well Fitted

Every part of your car has a lifetime and after a period of time, they need to be repaired or replaced. The repair or replacement should happen with genuine car accessories under the supervision of experts. Because the genuine accessories will meet the expectation and they are meant to be fitted to your car. Otherwise, the vehicle will start degrading its performance.


But most of the time, an owner chooses a cheap product to save some money. Those accessories will look the same and claim the same, but will not perform like a genuine product. That’s why they are cheap. They are not tried and tested and just the replica of genuine accessories. Even if it looks cheap but the longevity will be less and you have to spend more and more on the same thing. As a result, you will end up spending the same or maybe more than the good genuine product.

Also, it is advisable to investigate the details of the car insurance policy. Some car insurance companies do not consider the use of genuine accessories at the time of repairing. That can be really expensive if any major repair happens.


However, you can still make some cost-cutting as well. Cases like mud protector, boot space LED light, blind spot detector, mobile holder, car dust cleaning cloth, etc, comparatively cheaper accessories can be used. Because these things will not damage your car. These things can never harm any important features of the car.


When it comes to your car, it is always a matter of money and emotional attachment. Be careful and don’t be greedy in spending a little more on

genuine car accessories. Have a safe and fun drive.

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