July 5, 2022
the best car mileage

While calculating the best car mileage What are the things notes

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The first question that comes to our mind before buying any car is ‘ What is the mileage’ or ‘ Kitna deti hai’. This is probably one of the most asked questions from any buyer whether a budget car buyer or a mid-segment car buyer or even a luxury car buyer. And honestly, why not? Mileage is something that can waste or save a lot of your hard-earned money in the long run. So, it is obvious to look for the best car mileage car. But does the mileage of a car depends completely on the manufacturer? Absolutely not. Mostly it depends on the behavior of the driver while driving. The way you treat your car affects a lot how will you get the mileage. Many people even say the mileage of a car depends on the number of people sitting in. Confused? Let’s discuss it further.

Well, a car comes with a manual which we ignore most of the time or almost always. Manual is something that comes with almost all electronic products, gadgets, vehicles, etc and it comes because it is necessary. It has all the necessary instructions, dos, and don’ts that need to be considered. If you are someone who goes through the manual properly, you don’t need to read this article, but if you fall under that 99.99% of people who ignore reading the manual and also want to ignore it in the future as well, then stay with this blog till the last word to know about the best car mileage.

the best car mileage

Let’s come directly to the point now. Getting a better mileage or the best car mileage is not a big task. You can even track your car mileage and check if you are getting the best car mileage or not through some mobile apps also. Yes! Your headache is gone now. Below are some of the very basic but extremely important points, if you consider them, your mileage can definitely bring a big smile to your face.

Point No.1

Tyre Pressure

Not a big deal right! No, tyre pressure is a big deal to get the best car mileage. You might have studied the law of friction in school. The more is the contact area, the more is the more friction. And of course, that’s why more power of energy is required to drag an object or to keep an object moving. The same concept applies here.

tyre pressure

If the tyre pressure is sufficient enough, the tyre will be in its full bloated dimensions. So the area of contact will be slightly less. Whereas, if the tyre pressure is low, the tye will be slightly flatty and will touch the ground more. As a result, the friction increases. In the end, the car has to burn more fuel to generate more energy/power to run.

So, keep an eye on your tyre pressure. It will not only save your tyres from unnecessary burnout but also will reduce your fuel expenses and provide the best car mileage.

Point No.2

Acceleration and Braking

the best car mileage

This point may hurt your ego. But don’t take it in that way, because we all do this mistake. Most of us drive our cars with slight excitement which is not bad. But accelerating our cars without any urgency is not mature driving and will never give you the best car mileage. Because, when you accelerate more than required, you tend to brake faster as well. You may end up applying a harsh brake or extremely quick brake which turns out a kind of shock for the car.

When the internal environment (engine) gets sudden change or a sort of shocking instruction from the driver, it has to react immediately for which it requires more power. Now power or energy comes from fuel. So, we end up wasting the fuel unnecessarily.

Point No.3

Revving the Engine

Again, slightly bitter truth of an immature driver but let’s accept it. We all love to rev our car to get the thrill. We love the sound and the initial kick. Which is fine once in a while. After all, we should enjoy and feel the roar of our car engine. But, if we want the best car mileage we just can’t do it again and again. Doing it on a regular basis is bad. It will definitely reduce the mileage drastically. Not only the mileage but also, it may hamper the engine and clutch and reduce the longevity. So, try to stop this habit for better engine life and of course for good mileage.

Point No.4

Turning on the AC

How can I drive without ac? What is the point in having the ac in the car then? Are you mad or what?

Yes! I know, without ac, the whole experience of driving reduces to half. But hold on. Did I say, DO NOT turn on ac? No right!

To get the best car mileage, please turn on your ac when it is required and you feel like it. In general, if you are driving in the city, in traffic, your ac may reduce your overall mileage. But, if you are driving on the highway, the ac will not affect your mileage much.

What should we do then, because mostly we drive in cities? Can’t we get the best car mileage with ac on? Well, we can adopt some simple driving habits.

the best car mileage

Do not turn on your ac right after you start the engine. Take a few moments, maybe a minute or so and then you may turn on the ac.

Similarly, if your car is parked under the sun then, keep driving the car for at least 5 minutes with the glasses opened. So that, the car becomes completely ventilated. Then turn on the ac.

Once you reach your destination, before turning off your engine, turn off your ac first. Once your ac and fans are turned off completely, you may stop the engine.

Pont No.5

Car Servicing

the best car mileage

Never be greedy. In fact, you can be greedy if you really want to get the best car mileage. Take your car to the nearest showroom or to an authorized car service center and get it serviced. At those places, your car will be in safe and expert’s hand. You may have to pay a little more, but trust me, it is worth spending that. If you prefer local mechanics who make serve better, but the chances are very low. So, do not take the risk to save some coins because you may have to spend notes for the same later. Also, servicing should be done in time. You can make a call and the service centers or the showroom will provide the pick-up and drop option also. So, don’t be late on this.

Do not neglect the above-mentioned points to get the best car mileage. Because the car is something that comes after home in our emotional bucket list. Treat it as a family.

Have a great, happening, and safe drive.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to increase the mileage of a vehicle more than the company has said after proper maintenance of the vehicle?
In general, it does not happen. But if the manufacturer/company has mentioned that the mileage is X and can be achieved X+2, then of course this is possible.
Eg. Let’s say, the company has said the mileage will be around 15-18 kmpl and it can go up to 20kmpl as well. Then, in such a case, the company is saying, if all the instructions and dos and don’ts are followed and proper maintenance has been taken, then the car mileage can go up to 20 kmpl as well.
Can improve car mileage by using a nitrous oxide kit?
Well, it depends. This is something that is not applicable to all. It can work on some specific models in specific conditions.
Can a petrol car give more mileage than its specifications?
Not necessarily. There is no such evidence. The extra (more) mileage can be achieved and it can’t be also irrespective of the variant whether it is petrol or diesel.
Use of engine oil and grease in vehicles result in better mileage?
Engine oil, grease, etc helps in making the engine more productive and long-lasting. Engine oil and grease helps in reducing the extra amount of friction which can damage and consume more fuel. So, of course, they may not help in getting better mileage directly but definitely helps indirectly for sure.
While calculating the best car mileage What are the things notes
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While calculating the best car mileage What are the things notes
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