May 7, 2021
Types of Tyre

Types of Tyre | A detailed Guide

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Like any other industry, the automobile industry is one of the most booming industries now in India. Car manufactures are launching new cars restlessly one by one. That is the reason, the tyre manufacturers are also becoming pretty much active in making different types of tyre with new, advanced, and safe features. Tyre plays a major role in safety. So, as a car buyer, we can not ignore the importance of car tyres. You may also check out this Tubeless Tyre – Why it is better?, Inflation of tubeless car tires with air, to know more abut the tyres.

But since the demand has increased, the tyre makers have also started making better tyres to dominate their competitors. As a result, now there are multiple types of tyre are available and is quite confusing to choose the best one. Below are some well know types of tyre but before getting into that, you may also like to read about Tubeless Tyre – Why it is better, Inflation of tubeless car TYRE with air, 18-inch alloy wheel problems, etc.

Types of tyre

Winter Tyres

These are the tyres designed with more sipes and grooves which helps in providing more grip. These types of tires are mainly used in snowy, wet areas for better traction/contact/attachment to the ground.

Summer Tyres

These are the most common tyres made to use above 8 degrees Celsius temperature. The tyre design pattern is quite simple, just a plain strip or thread pattern. They are made up of soft rubber for better flexibility and durability

All-season Tyres

When it comes to types of tyre, these tyres fall somewhere in between winter and summer tyres as long as built quality, longevity and performance is concerned. They are widely accepted and most of us use them especially in India

Part worn Tyres

These are quite unsafe to use. In some countries, selling warned or partially warned tyres is banned. Still, just to save some money people use them

Budget Tyres

The discussion on types of tyre will be incomplete if we don’t talk about these tyres. Now, this is quite subjective. A tyre which is very costly for you can be very cheap for someone else. However, just to define budget tyre, it can be said that as per your requirement, if you are getting the best quality tyres and it runs for quite a decent period of time, then, yes! That’s the best budget tyre for you irrespective of its initial cost.

Run Flat Tyres

Keeping safety on top of the priority list, run-flat tyres have been designed. Basically, these tyres have thicker sidewalls made up of high-quality rubber. In case, your tyre gets punctured, you can still drive the car to a certain distance without any problem.

Energy Saving Tyres

These are again an important type of tyres comes under the types of tyre section. These tyres are made to make a car, the better-mileaged car. Basically, these tyres provide low rolling resistance and so as less energy consumption. So in a long run, it helps you in saving quite a decent amount of money on fuel.

High-Performance Tyres

These tyres are mainly designed for luxury cars and racing cars. Since the speed of such cars are extremely fast and they are made with all premium materials, the tyres are also made up of high-quality rubber to match the best quality standards.

Tyre Patterns

We simply can’t ignore tyre patterns while talking about the types of tyre. In general, all the tyres look the same. But, that’s not true. Each and every type of tyre is made up of a specific pattern to meet the requirements. Cars of different segments have their own expectations and to justify/meet those requirements, tyre makers make them with different patterns.

So, tyre manufactures are putting a lot of effort in experimenting with different types of tyre to make better tires. So that they can beat the competition and can take the advantage of the booming opportunity in India for tyres. However, as a consumer, we need to be knowledgable enough to choose the best suitable types of tyre for our vehicle.

Types of Tyre | A detailed Guide
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Types of Tyre | A detailed Guide
If safety is on top of your priority list, then you must know about your car tyres because Types of Tyre play a major role. Get a detailed overview here
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