March 6, 2021
tubeless tyre

Tubeless Tyre – Why it is better ?

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There is no doubt that the automobile industry is one of the most booming industries now in India. The manufactures are quite aggressive in launching their new models back to back just to beat the competition. Probably that one of the biggest reasons why tyre manufacturers are also taking part in the rat race. They are quite active in making advanced tubeless tyre with optimum quality and safety. So, if safety is on your priority list, then you must have knowledge about the tyres since they play a major role. You may also like to check out Inflation of tubeless car tires with air, a detailed guide on types of tyre, etc for better understanding.

The tyre industry is not a small industry. There are many types of tyres with different design, purpose, style, and quality such as winter tyres, summer tyres, all-season tyres, part worn tyres, budget tyres, run-flat tyres, energy-saving tyres, etc. To cover all of them is not an easy task in a single article. But, of course, one part can definitely be covered. So, let’s start with the most common concept of tyres – tubeless tyres and tube tyres.

Tubeless Tyre

As the name suggests, these tyres are not like traditional pneumatic tyres. These tres are made by continuous ribs molted essentially on the bead. As a result, tubeless tyre are forced by the huge internal air pressure which helps in making a solid fixed attachment with the rim.

Advantages of Tubeless Tyre

  • No more tube pinching/puncture
  • Runs well even in low tyre pressure
  • Use of liquid sealant in puncture repair (easy, fast & reliable)
  • Can run a certain distance even after a bad puncture
  • Low weight
  • Helps in increasing the mileage
  • Provides more stability

Disadvantages of Tubeless Tyre

  • Not easy to fit
  • Slightly costly

With Tube Tyres

These are the traditional tires made from rubber that need air pressure to run/work. These are the regular tires used mostly outdoors in cars and especially in trucks. These are filled with air and need proper care to last long.


  • They are cheap
  • Easily available
  • The repair cost is quite minimal


  • Less durability
  • High chances of getting punctured
  • Less reliability
  • More force need to be in motion
  • Air pressure needs to be monitored all the time
  • High weight
  • Less stability

Because of the advanced features, almost all car manufacturers are showing their interest in providing tubeless tyre. In fact, customers are aware enough that they do prefer this.

For eg. In India, whenever there is a discussion about cars, Maruti comes first. Maruti has an amazing brand value in the automobile industry in India. People trust Maruti for its design, comfort, driving quality, features, and mostly for its mileage. Maruti uses a tubeless tyre in all its new models now.

The highest-selling brand ‘the Swift’ and Swift Dzire VDI AMT diesel uses all completely tubeless tyre. The reasons, we just discussed. So, trusted brand like Maruti (Swift Dzire VDI AMT diesel) is considering tubeless tyre means tubeless is the present and future in tyre industry at least for cars.

Below are the tyre and wheel specification of Swift Dzire VDI AMT diesel

                                  Specification                                                      Swift Dzire VDI AMT diesel
Tyre Size 165/80 R14
Tyre Type Tubeless, radial
Wheel Size 14


Tubeless Tyre - Why it is better ?
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Tubeless Tyre - Why it is better ?
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