July 5, 2022
vintage cars in India

The vintage cars in India | All you need to know

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There is a saying, “Old is Gold”. Some assets become priceless after a certain period of time. Just like very old ornaments, a piece of work of art, furniture, etc the vintage cars in India have a high value because of their considerable age. Well, there are some cars as well which are not just cars but a symbol of the new innovation or the sign of a new era in humankind. There are many cars own by some extraordinary people who have an unforgettable contribution to society and so as to become the antic cars.

A car enthusiast like you (the reader) can of course relate to the concept of a vintage car, where the car is not bought to drive but to keep in the house as a memory. But where are they now? Can any car lover get them today? What is the legal procedure or government rules to own such an iconic car? Yes, there are a lot of questions around it. To get all your answers, stay with this article till the end.

What is a vintage car in India?

Well, there are certain conditions around it. A car will be termed as a vintage car in India only when it is at least 50 years old from the date it registered. Once the paperwork is done, the owner will get a certificate which will be valid for 10 years. The paperwork may cost around 20,000 rupees.

Are Vintage cars in India legal?

Regarding the vintage cars in India, there are some proposed/suggested rules which may get added to the old Central Motor Vehicle rule, 1989. However, there is no specific rules or law in India that defines whether the vintage cars are legal or not in India.

What is the price of vintage cars in India?

There is no fixed price for all. Each vintage car has its own price tag. For example, the Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith costs around 80 lakhs, whereas Beetle and Morris will cost you between 10 lakhs to19 lakhs. There are specific places (online & offline) where you can check the price of any vintage car as per your wish.

Where can I buy vintage cars in India?

There are many places where you can check the details about your favorite car and can purchase it such as:

Classic Cars (https://classiccars.com/)

Droom (https://droom.in/)

India Mart (https://dir.indiamart.com/)

You may reach out to the physical stores that are present in your city as well to get a real-time look and feel of the car in the first go itself.

What will happen to vintage cars in India?

As per the Vehicle Scrappage Policy, the car which is at least 50 years old can be called a vintage car and the owner has to go through all the paperwork and need to spend 20,000 rupees to get the certificate.

What are the vehicles that use in old times in India?

There are many. However, the below-mentioned cars can be called the top five vintage cars in India:

  • 1935 Delahaye 135MS
  • 1935 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental
  • 1931 Lancia Dilambda
  • 1925 Hispano Suiza H6B
  • 1958 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster

Is it confirmed that 15yrs old petrol private car can run on India road Please say?

As of now, the Vehicle Scrappage Policy says, a car (petrol) which is 15 years old can not run on the street. Similarly, a diesel car older more than 10 years are not allowed to be driven. However, it depends on the city again. If your RTO of your city has some sort of lenience, then you may consider to re-register your car and then drive. Please follow the rules and guidelines and do thorough research.

How much is the amount of fine for 10 years or above cars old in India?

A car older than 15 years is banned in India in most cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, etc. A car that is 10 years old, needs to be re-registered in the same state where it has been registered initially. In case, the owner wants to make the re-registration in another city, he/she has to pay for it as per the RTO rules. Without re-registration, if you are driving a 10-year-old car, the penalty can be as harsh as sealing/taking your car permanently in RTO.

Why all old Indian Bollywood movies show left-hand drive cars?

There is no specific answer to it. This could be the reason for the availability of cars at that time. This could be the demand of the script. Maybe the lead (hero) wanted to have a left-hand drive car. Anything could be a reason. Better to ask the director of the movie. Haha…

The vintage cars in India | All you need to know
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The vintage cars in India | All you need to know
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