March 6, 2021

The gear shifting sensor of Honda City Automatic

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Honda City Automatic, probably one of the highest-selling cars in its segment. This has been ruling over all the sedan cars in the Indian automobile industry. It has got all the fancy and premium safety features with the latest technologies. It has style, comfort, amazing road presence. It is not at all over-priced too. That’s why Honda City Automatic is treated as the king in the sedan segment. However, we are not here to discuss its features, price, etc rather we will discuss specifically the gear shifting sensor of Honda City Automatic. Also, check out some other amazing sedans like Skoda Rapid, Mercedes Benz S Class, Audi A3 sedan, Price of Audi A3 Sedan in India – Worth it?

Location of gear shifting sensor Honda City Automatic

Honda City Automatic Gear Shifting Sensor
Gear Shifting Sensor

The gear shifting ‘SENSOR’ is very well mechanically fitted by Honda in Honda City Automatic. It is situated right at the center of the whole gear shifting tools. First of all, it is surrounded by the rotating shaft which helps in the core moment of the gear. Since the sensor is primarily surrounded by this rotating shaft, the shifting of gear works smoothly. Better the connection between sensor and shaft, better the smoothness.

There is this roller present just at the outer side of the rotating shaft. It helps in rolling the shaft as per the instruction of the sensor. The technical placement of the roller helps in making the gear shifts even more convenient and faster.

Just after the roller, a well designed ‘CASE’ is present to hold all. It is quite strong and mechanically engineered. It keeps all the gear shifting elements intact and safe.

But there is also a ‘MATING POINT’ present right in between the roller and the case. Its function is quite important for the gear shifts. It has a zig-zag design which holds the case and roller quite well and helps in proper movement.

There is a small but powerful ‘Magnet’ is arranged just below the roller. It helps in making a good connection between all. Also, it helps in making a decent pause while changing the gear. In other words, the small pause/break that we feel while shifting the gear happens because of this (Note: not only because of this).

Problems in gear shifting in Honda City Automatic

There is no doubt that the Honda City Automatic has involved one of the best-engineered techniques in its gear shifter, but still, there are some problems you may encounter. Sometimes, it has been noticed that the driver is facing some sort of lag in gear shifters. The gearbox is not that smooth as expected. The small pause/break is a bit longer than expected. Sometimes even it never happens.

Honda City Automatic Gear Box
Honda City Automatic Gear Box

As per the mechanism of Honda City Automatic‘s gear shifting system,

  • Depress the brake pedals and press the shift lever release button
  • Shift without pressing the shift lever release button
  • Press the shift lever releasing button and shift

But problems may happen in any of these steps. Maybe, the shift lever becomes stiff or hard. Maybe, there will be a problem comes while pressing/depressing the shift lever. Sometimes, the releasing button may not work.

Solutions to gear shifting in Honda City Automatic

Now, if we come to the solution part of this, there can be multiple solutions since the problem can be anywhere. In general, there won’t be a proper connection between the sensor and the rotating shaft. As a result, gear shifting becomes stiff.

In Honda City Automatic, sometimes, maybe their roller needs some repair work to work properly because of which, the overall moment of the gearbox will happen smoothly.

Many times, any of these (roller, rotating shaft, magnet, collar, or mating pin) are not well placed or there is some sort of error in the technical arrangement. That may lead to a jerk/stiffness in the overall mechanism.

However, such problems are extremely rare. Honda always takes care of its customers and never compromises with its quality. Still, if you find any such problem in Honda City Automatic, then it will be taken care of by Honda for sure. They have good quality service centers all over India.

Have a nice and happening drive with Honda City Automatic. Stay Safe!!!

The gear shifting sensor of Honda City Automatic
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The gear shifting sensor of Honda City Automatic
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