June 7, 2022
tesla model x

Tesla model x – All you need to know

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Tesla model x doesn’t come with a wide variety. Like ‘S’ Tesla model x comes in 3 major variants 75D, 100D, P100D. The difference is not major. The basic differentiating factor is the battery pack. The 75D comes with a smaller battery pack which is 75 kWh whereas, the 100D and P100D comes with a 100kWh battery pack. From a performance point of view, the P100D can be termed as the fastest or quickest cross-over in the world (Read about the fastest SUV – Audi RS Q8).

Variant Can Run Top Speed Pick Up (100km)
Tesla X 75D 417 km 209 kmph 4.9 secs
Tesla X 100D 565 km 250 kmph 4.7 secs
Tesla X P100D 541 km 250 kmph 2.9 secs

Coming to the technical aspects of the Tesla Model x, the data/information is not disclosed completely by the company itself.

tesla model x

Fuel Type Electric(Battery)
Range NA
Battery Type NA
Charging Time NA
Emission Norm Compliance NA
Max Power NA
Max Torque NA
Top Speed NA
Sunroof NA
Adjustable Driver Seat NA
Adj. Front Passenger Seat NA
Heated/Cooled Seats NA

Tesla Model x variants

All the 3-models come with the eye-catchy 20-inch Pirelli winter tyres. The features like enhanced autopilot, self-driving capability, etc come with all models by default. The major highlight is the 8-year infinity kilometer warranty. Are you reading it again? Yes! That’s true. But, here’s the twist. The 8-year warranty is not on the entire vehicle. It is only valid for the battery and the driver unit. The 4-year/80,000 km warranty is available for the entire vehicle in all the 3-varients. Isn’t it a great deal!!! Features-wise, both 75D and 100D come with the basic package with an optional package if you want to upgrade. However, the P100D comes with some extra features by default like heated seats, HEPA air filter, heated steering wheel, etc.

tesla model x

Tesla Model x Competitors

BMW 5 Series, BMW M8, Land Rover Defender 2020, Mercedes GLS, etc

Tesla Model x Features

Well, it claims to be an SUV but it looks more like a crossover since its height, width and overall look is not as boxy as an SUV does. There are some differences in the size of allow wheels (20-inch standard/22-inch optional), gullwing rear doors, The same 17-inch touchscreen, the standard 5-seater can be upped to 6 or 7 seaters, etc.


The expected Tesla Model x price in India is around 2 Cr. The launching date has not yet revealed however, we can expect it to come out in the market in January 2022. Depending upon the requirement/demand and conditions, Tesla Model x in India can show some last moment changes in its design and price as well.


Tesla is known for its innovation. Definitely, the Tesla Model x will continue to impress its customers and set up a new benchmark in the automobile industry.


My power source is 240v What’s the most powerful quickest charger option for Tesla Model S?

@40v power source comes under Level 2 chargers. This is best for home charging. When you are not driving and staying at home, you can simply charge your Tesla without any hassle. The Level 2 chargers come with a bigger pipeline to flow electricity to your Tesla. They can charge near about 15 times faster than tickle chargers. Basically, Tesla wall connectors, mobile connectors, and wireless charging stations are types of Level 2 chargers.

Why is the Tesla Model x so bad?

Some of the Tesla owners had issues in sudden and violent acceleration. Some customers were so dissatisfied that they had given 1 out of 5 as an overall rating.

How much money does a Tesla Model x Cost?

In India, the price may go up to 2 cr. The maintenance and some other after-sales cost may vary from other countries.

Is a Tesla faster than Lamborghini?

When it comes to speed, Lamborghini wins the race in 1 second. Lambo is slightly faster than Tesla which is 0.9 seconds to be very specific.

How long does a Tesla battery last?

As per the warranty, the Tesla battery lasts for eight years.

What happens when a Tesla runs out of charge?

Tesla always warns you much prior before it runs out of charge completely. However, you can charge your vehicle in much less time with the SuperCharger.

Do Tesla cars need oil?

Absolutely not! Tesla cars do not need any sort of oil changes, emission checks, fuel filters or spark plug changes, etc.

What kind of Tesla does Elon Musk drive?

Nowadays, Elon Musk is cruising around with Tesla Model S.

Tesla model x - All you need to know
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