September 26, 2020
MG Gloster

MG Gloster 2020 | A detailed Review

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One of the most buzz words and awaited SUVs is MG Gloster. After the success of MG Hector, MG is all set for its massive giant MG Gloster. It is loaded with features, comfort, eye-catchy style, and next level of safety features. There are many other cars available with whom it has to compete with like, the Mercedes GLS, Mercedes Benz S-class (Sedan), Audi RS Q8 (the fastest SUV), Audi A3 Sedan, Volkswagen T-Roc, Mahindra Thar, etc. But among all of them, MG Gloster is the best value for the money. But how? Let’s find out.

Now they’re all class best figures or rather better to say, they are a little bit more than what you get in the current crop of the big 7-seat body on frame premium SUVs in India. That’s just what MG hopes to do with the new MG Gloster give you that little bit more. But those are the numbers on pen and papers, how does it all translate into the real world that’s what we all will see here.

Dimensions and Power

Let’s quickly get into the dimensions of all new MG Gloster. Well, on paper it is very much impressive. Its length is 4985 mm, height 1867 mm, wheelbase 2950 mm. Coming to the power, well it generates a power of 218 horsepower along with a maximum torque of 480-newton meters.

Road Presence

MG Gloster
MG Gloster Road Presence

MG Gloster, this is truly a massive SUV with loads of all-important road presence. In fact, even its 19-inch alloy wheels which are also a size larger than the competition. Almost look a little dwarfed in the cavernous wheel arches. Still, details like the slim LED projector headlamps, the large brushed metal grille, and the sculpted bonnet are quite attractive. You are going to like the way the chrome window garnish extends upwards at the C-pillar to join the roof rails.

The dummy quad exhaust lent a sporty look and although there is a lot of chrome all over, the car including the alloy wheels, it’s pretty tastefully done. The MG Gloster has badges all over. To let you know its features and its name plus a pair of union jack badges on the front flanks that say brit dynamic.

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Now let’s move inside the MG Gloster where owners are in for quite a treat. Now if the Gloucester’s engine, specs, and exterior dimensions were meant to be that little bit more than the rest. The interior clearly appears to be a lot more than the rest. The touch screen itself is a massive 12.3-inch unit and well it’s got every feature they could possibly throw at it. It’s a connected car. It’s got a partner app. It’s got a Gaana app in it with a subscription built into it. Apple car play, android auto, live traffic updates even live weather.

MG Gloster
MG Gloster – Technologies

Of course, you can talk to it and ask it any number of questions or commands. That said the touchscreen does need a firm prod for it to work. More interesting is the hi-res 8-inch central mid-screen that shows you the general trip and fuel computer data. But also a whole lot more info as well. In fact, it’s so prominent, you might even miss the small analog speedo and taco on either side of it.

  • Adaptive LED Headlamps
  • Driver Seat Memory
  • Auto Headlamps and Wipers
  • Ventilated Driver Seats
  • Leather Upholstery
  • Driver Seat Massage Function
  • 64 Color Ambient Lighting
  • Powered Tailgate
  • Panoramic Sunroof
  • 3-zone Auto Climate Control
  • Powered Front Seats
  • PM 2.5 Filter
  • Heated Front Seats
  • Steering Rack and Adjustment

 Front Seats

In the MG Gloster, the front seats are really comfortable. They’re big. They’re powered. They’re well contoured. They even give you a massage function and are heated and cool on the driver’s side. But if there’s one thing that’s a bit of a bother is that the seat cushion is a little bit firm and there is an excess of lumbar support. Even at its lowest setting, it pokes into your back just a little bit too much. Now as far as quality goes, they’ve really made an effort to make you feel that you’re in a premium space. In this car, there’s 4-leather on the dashboard with stitching on it. Quilted seats, quilted armrests, and lots of colors and textures, but the only thing is that some of the switchgear particularly on the rather crowded steering wheel doesn’t feel like it belongs in a car this expensive.

Apart from that though the MG Gloster has a lot of wow factor in this cabin and that is sure to draw in buyers. Now on to the equipment list and you must be sitting down for this because it’s a long one. Here goes.

  • Heated Wing Mirrors
  • Heated Front Seats
  • Wireless Mobile Charger
  • In-built Gaana Music App
  • 3 inch Touch Screen
  • Remote Functions via Mobile App
  • Android Auto/Apple CarPlay
  • Voice Assistance
  • Rear-time Weather Updates
  • Connected Car Tech
  • Sat-nav with Real-time Traffic
  • Electric Parking Brakes


The MG Gloster is amazingly loaded with safety features. There’s also the feed for the 360-degree cameras which can even do a 3-D external augmented reality view. But the resolution is not really that great. Moreover in parking mode, the parking sensors tend to be a bit over sensitive. There are loads of safety features.

  • 6-Airbags
  • Hill Descent Control
  • ABS
  • 4-Wheel Disc Brakes
  • ESP
  • 360-Degree Camera
  • Traction Control
  • Parking Sensors[F/B]
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Tyre Pressure Monitor

The MG Gloster has got the DAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) features as well which are a first in the segment.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Hands-Free Parking
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Blind Spot Warning
  • Driver Fatigue Monitor

Now let’s go check out what it’s like if you’re a passenger in the MG Gloster. Now as you’d expect for a big rugged ladder frame SUV like this it’s a bit of a climb up into the cabin. But, once you’re in place, it is a very comfortable place to be true. The seats are captain chairs. Of course, much like the ones in the front not quite as plush but pretty close. They give you quite a bit of comfort and support. They of course recline if you want and there’s a bit of storage as well and even a pair of cup holders.


Now, once you are on the rear seat of MG Gloster, you will also get to see there is enough leg and knee room especially for drivers and passengers who are around 5 feet 8-9 inches tall. But if you really want to maximize things, you can slide it quite a way behind and get a lot more room. That of course has an effect on the space in the back. Other creature comforts back include a third separate climate zone and a bit of charging facilities in the form of USB and a 12-volt socket. Of course, who can forget the big draw with all MG’s? The panoramic sunroof. From the second row of sitting, it’s quite easy to get into the third row. Just hop in between these two seats and walk straight through. There is definitely enough place.


The last or the third row rear seats of MG Gloster are again amazingly comfortable. in fact, you will realize the fact that this is one of the most spacious third-row seats you can ever encounter in an SUV. Enough amount of space, legroom, headroom, knee room. You may feel slightly lag when it comes to thigh support, but that can absolutely be ignored with the amount of space it is giving. It has some other useful features here as well. It has AC vents, USB and 12-volt sockets for charging, and even cup holders.

Boot Space

If you plan to use the MG Gloster as a family car for long-distance road trips, you’ve got to have good luggage space too. The boot space with all rows up is decent and once again more than what you get in rivals. It is capable of taking a few small bags once you lift them over the high load lift. However, fold the third row down and you get a truly cavernous space. There’s even a handy rollout luggage cover. You can use it in this configuration and so that’s practicality and equipment done.


Look, feel, features, and safety-wise, until now, MG Gloster has done an amazing job. But how good or bad it is on the roads? Well, before you even get to the power, what you notice right away is the refinement at low revs. Especially, MG Gloster has definitely one of the quietest engines of its kind this engine behaves to that 218 horsepower and 480-newton meters. But if you look at the performance figures you’ll see that it’s actually very quick for a car this big.


0 – 60 KPH 4.67 SEC
0 – 100 KPH 11.21 SEC
20 – 80 KPH (in kick down) 6.57 SEC
40 – 100 KPH (in kick down) 8.77 SEC
80 – 0 KPH 2.56 SEC (25m)

Against the vbox testing equipment, 0-100 kph came up in a seriously quick 11.2 seconds for this massive SUV and even in-game acceleration with a kick down to simulate overtaking was impressive especially, given its mammoth 2.5-ton curb weight. In fact, MG Gloster is quicker than all other SUVs of this kind. But what really puts the dampener on things and what is perhaps one of the biggest flaws of this car is the way this engine is calibrated. The engine is absolutely dead below 2000 RPM and when it wakes up at 2000 RPM, MG Gloster rocks you back with a lot of force and pushes you and your passengers back in their seats. This is only compounded by the 8-speed automatic gearbox which is very slow to respond and not very quick to shift either. However, is where this powertrain excels its big reserves of torque and long-legged gearing mean it can cruise effortlessly in 7th or 8th gear which makes it the ideal SUV for those long outstation trips with the family.

The MG Gloster comes with a number of drive modes most of which are for different off-road situations and while. There are 3 road-based modes – Eco, Auto, and Sport. But frankly, you may not feel a discernable difference between them. In practice what really is quite a revelation is how easy this massive SUV to drive. Now heavy ladder-frame SUVs like these are usually quite a handful to drive not only because of their large size and weight but also because they tend to have rather heavy and ponderous steering. But not this one.

The MG Gloster steering is just beautifully judged. It’s light enough that it takes all the effort out of steering such a big car. But it’s also got enough feel and feedback to make you feel just a little bit connected to the road. As a result, you get used to this car’s size very quickly what also helps in that regard is the fact that visibility is really good. Yes, you will get the massive mirrors but there’s enough of a gap between them. The tall upright A-pillar that lets you see right through and right around very easily. The only thing is that rear visibility through the mirror is a bit compromised. Thanks to the MG Gloster‘s tall seats and the high headrests.

Now, handling this is a big and tall SUV riding on soft suspension. So of course it’s not going to be very good. But again by the standards of cars of this type itis very good. There are loads and loads of body roll. There’s no getting away from that but there is a certain composure to MG Gloster at a speed that other ladder-frame SUVs don’t seem to have.

So MG Gloster incredibly easy to drive for such a big SUV and it also gives you more than enough confidence at speed or when changing direction.


What we don’t know about MG Gloster is the price. This top-spec savvy version will be priced just above the established competition at around 35 lakh rupees ex-showroom. Now, that’s a pretty bold move but MG is hoping buyers will see value in the size, space, performance, comfort, and oh yes the equipment we’ll have to wait and see if that’s true but if it is the Gloucester could make another big impact just like the hector did.


The MG Gloster has the best ride and handling mix amongst all the large ladder-frame SUVs on the market right now and that’s despite MG Gloster being the largest and tallest of the lot. Well, that was certainly a pleasant surprise, wasn’t it? The MG Gloster could very well have just been a collection of numbers with no real substance. But it’s proven to be so much more than that it is a genuinely good product and under there is a very desirable premium 7-seat SUV. Okay, the sluggish engine and gearbox do let it down a little bit but that aside, it really has a lot going for it.

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