October 24, 2020
Mercedes GLS Price in India

Mercedes GLS Price in India

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Are you curious to know about the Mercedes GLS Price in India? Your wait is over. Welcome to the digital launch of the all-new GLS, the flagship series best SUV. In this article, we will see the features, comfort, style, safety, Mercedes GLS Price in India, and many more in detail. The Mercedes GLS is a very important car for the company as it represents the brand sentiments for all kinds of strength. Mercedes is proud to announce that this car has now completed more than 10 years in India. In fact, it is giving a tough competition to its rival Audi A3 Sedan, and especially to Audi RS Q8, the fastest SUV. And over this span of years has more has made 6,700 Indian customers joy and more than 5,70,000 customers globally over a span of 14 years. This car is now in its 3rd generation providing luxury with a whole new definition. This car is the pinnacle of luxury, in the true senses, the S-Class of SUVs. However, you can also check out Mercedes Benz S Class.

Below is an overview of all basic information that you are looking for especially the Mercedes GLS Price in India. The introductoryMercedes GLS Price in India is 99.9 lakh rupees for both the diesel and the petrol variants.

Variant Engine Type Fuel Type Transmission Mileage Price (INR) Seating Capacity
GLS 450 4MATIC 2999 cc Petrol Automatic(Torque Converter) 10.2 kmpl 99.91 lakh 7 Seater
GLS 400d 4MATIC 2925 cc Diesel Automatic(Torque Converter) 12.5 kmpl 99.91 lakh 7 Seater


Mercedes GLS price in India
Mercedes GLS 2020 Dimensions

What a beautiful car. As long as Mercedes GLS Price in India is concerned, the dimensions are pretty impressive. Let’s talk about the largest and the most luxurious Mercedes SUV, the all-new GLS. Now as you all know the S-Class is both long and spacious. So the S-Class of SUVs shouldn’t be any different and yes that is right the new GLS is 77 millimeters longer, 20 millimeters wider than the previous versions. Also, the wheelbase has gotten longer by 60 millimeters. The new 21-inch wheel design looks great and it fits in this car perfectly well. If you want to take your car off-roading, well these two are in your favor.

Boot Space

Mercedes GLS Price in India
Mercedes GLS Boot Space

There are two detail lamps in this car giving this car depth and solidity. Now in the back, the trunk space, well it is decent but if you want the enormous 2400 liters of boot space, all you have to do is press a single button. Now obviously you can put the seat back up and down individually as well and you will get the massive 2400 liters of boot space. Mercedes has given you the automatic raising and lowering by 50 millimeters. If we compare the Mercedes GLS Price in India with its rivals, this is quite amazing.

Now much space back here doesn’t mean less space in the interior. Let’s find out.

Interior Space

Mercedes GLS
Mercedes GLS Interior

Rear Seats

Mercedes GLS
Mercedes GLS Rear Seats

The new GLS is more spacious than ever. Thanks to the extra 87 millimeters of leg space. If you are sitting at the rear seats, you will definitely feel that this car truly is the pinnacle when it comes to space and luxury. The immense amount of back support, lumbar support 30-degrees of reclining in the rear seats, and 100 millimeters of movement back and forth in the rear seats. Once again all comprise the luxuriousness in this car. Including the shower package, you can also move the front seat back and forth in case you want an excess of leg space.

Mercedes GLS Price in India
Mercedes GLS Console

Moving on to the center console in this car, now you have a retractable MBUX tablet which gives the power to control any kind of technical feature in this car, such as controlling the 64 color interior lighting in this car or configuring the 13 speakers Burmester surround sound system in this car and much more than that. And being the android tablet well, you can do a lot more than just that. So basically, keeping the Mercedes GLS Price in India, it has done quite a justice to its space for rear passengers.

Front Seats

Mercedes GLS Price in India
Mercedes GLS interior in Front

But now let’s move on to the front in this car and discuss what’s new over there. Well, the headlamp arrow in this car which may look simple at first but is way more complex when we talk about the technicalities. This headlamp area of multi-beam LEDs has the power of controlling a whopping 650 meters of light ahead of this car. All of that is possible because of the 112 individual LEDs given in one headlamp array which is just mind-blowing.

Now let’s move on to the driver’s seat in this car which is going to be your favorite and you may like to spend maximum time if you are buying the car. As soon as you sit inside the driver’s seat of this car, you will quickly realize that the new GLS is super customizable.  As soon as you enter, the height of the car automatically adjusts the steering wheel. The seat along with the lumbar support it also personalizes the center gauge given in front of the car according to driver’s preferences. It also analyzes the air conditioning and interior light settings. So, if you are among those car buyers who love space inside, then Mercedes GLS Price in India will definitely attract you.

Interior Features

This car has 5-zone or climate controls. All of that is filtered with charcoal filters which means that the passengers of this GLS will always be satisfied with clean and purified air. Now a great feature for the front seat passengers in this car is of active seat kinetics. That means the front passengers of this car can enjoy a full massage while they’re driving in the GLS. But, the GLS has strengths of all kinds. It’s not just a luxurious car, it’s a very powerful and a very capable car. So, in short, the Mercedes GLS Price in India is not too much as compared to the other cars in this segment especially when it comes to the interior features.


Now let’s talk about the hood. The GLS comes in both diesel and petrol variants. The GLS 400D is powered by an inline 6-cylinder diesel engine providing 330 horsepower and 700-newton meters of torque. It can spin from not 200 in a mere 6.3 seconds. But the GLS 450 has an inline 6-cylinder petrol engine electrified by 48-volt technology producing 367 horsepower and 500-newton meters of torque. But an extra 22 horsepower and 250meters of torque can be achieved via eq boost over short periods of time. The 000 time for the petrol variant is just 6.2 seconds. As a buyer, you won’t regret spending your money on Mercedes GLS Price in India to get this engine and its performance.

Advanced Features

Mercedes GLS Price in India will provide you some advanced features to justify its price further. Now, we are in a connected world and Mercedes 2 is connected. The Mercedes may connect 2.0 offers you with a plethora of features such as real-time car analytics, some remote control features of this car, and real-time traffic data, and much more than that this platform allows this car to get over-the-air updates directly to the car without any manual interference. That is amazing. The Mercedes me app also gets a whole new user interface along with the additional benefit of Mercedes me service app. That that the users can now get online appointments and bookings at the ease of clicking some buttons.

Mercedes GLS Price in India
Mercedes GLS Advanced Features

Now the two main features of this app are that now the map also gets a 3d colored user interface. Number two is that you now also have a biometric id for unlocking this car. The great feature about this car is that you will fall in love with the MBUX interior resistant which basically is the gesture control of this car. That means, now you can get a bunch of features done in this car without even touching the screen. The all-new GLS is a power bank on wheels with 11 USB Type-C ports and two wireless charging pads. Most of us always forget to charge our devices at home because no matter where we are, in this car, we can always have them ready to go.

Newly Added Technologies

Here is good news. You can now happily spend your money because Mercedes GLS Price in India has these new technologies wit it as well. Now some new key technology features in this car include, geofencing and controlling some features of the car regardless of your physic allocation and time such as opening and closing the windows and sunroof. We also have a vehicle finder allowing cars horn and lights to go off helping you find your car the easy way.

So that was the product demonstration of the all-new GLS and you may find most of the time in this article but this car is the pinnacle of luxury. But seriously it is what it is especially because of Mercedes GLS Price in India. 


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