October 5, 2021
manual vs automatic car

Manual vs Automatic Car: Which is better to have?

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The interest for automobiles has gone high up drastically and so as the demand. But, buyers always get confused with manual vs automatic car because the transmission type also plays a major role in getting a good mileage car. A lot of information is available everywhere regarding this, still, this is one of the most discussed topics in the automobile industry. Let’s understand the concept and see the advantages, disadvantages, and try to get the conclusion of the most common topic, Manual vs automatic car.

What is the transmission?

Understanding the concept of transmission may help you in taking the right decision especially if are a budget car buyer. A car takes you from one place to another with a gradual increase and decrease in speed which is nothing but the transmission. When the driver makes a shift from one gear to another, the power gets transmitted from engine to axle. The power distribution happens in a pattern to provide maximum output in an efficient way. In lower gears, the transmission allows us to have more power to decrease the speed whereas, in higher gears, it allows us to have lesser power to increase the speed.

car gear transmission
Concept of transmission


Transmission can be of various types but in a broad way, they are of 2 types:

Manual Transmission

Automatic Transmission

Again, the automatic transmission can be of 3 types:

Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)

Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT)

Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT)


Manual Transmission:


manual transmission
Type: Manual Transmission


The driver uses a stick to shift gears to increase or decrease the speed in manual transmission mode. This is also called as stick shifts. Normally, drivers who want to enjoy the inner mechanism and to take the full authority of driving, prefer manual transmission type.

The biggest difference between an automatic and manual transmission is the clutch. The clutch pedal is located to the left of the brake pedal. The basic functionality of the clutch is to disengage the clutch mechanism in between engine and power which is essential for gear shifting. Once the gear is shifted, The clutch needs to be released. As a result, the engine gets a different supply of power which is preferable for both the engine and speed of the car.




The driver gets more control and confidence in manual transmission mode. In off-roading or hill area, the driver has to take the car at extremely high RPM or low depending upon the situation and that is where having full control over the car is an advantage.

Fuel Efficiency:

Manual transmission engines are likely to have more gears and are lightweight and quite simple in the mechanism. Whereas, automatic cars are not. Since the mechanism is simple and it provides full control to the driver, mileage somehow somewhere depends on the driving skills of the driver too. Still, in general, it has been noticed that the manual transmission provides 5-15 percent more fuel-efficient than automatic transmission.


Keeping all the factors aside, pricing is a factor that matters a lot to make a decision. When it comes to cost, manual transmission cars are comparatively cheaper than automatic ones. If you don’t have any budget issues, then it will not bother a lot. But for a budget car buyer, the difference may come around a thousand dollars on average.

Maintenance Cost:

Maintenance cost is a recurring cost that runs forever as long as you are using the car. A small increase in cost on anything can really make you spend a lot in the long run. The advantage with a manual transmission car is, the maintenance cost is lower. Since the mechanism is simple and basic, the related issues are also simple.




It requires practice to handle a manual transmission car. A new driver may face difficulty in his/her initial days.

ABC Balance:

Accelerator, brake, and clutch, all three need to be balanced and managed properly. The driver has to engage himself/herself more. Especially, in stop and go traffic, if a driver is not familiar with ABC, it may create problems.


Automatic Transmission:


Automatic transmission
Type: Automatic Transmission


The automatic transmission completely on the concept of fluid pressure. All the automatic transmission has a planetary gear set that maintains the different gear ratios. That is why the gear shifting no more a headache for the driver. The fluid also helps in cooling down the engine and maintains and acts as a lubricant also.

In place of a clutch, all automatic transmission has a torque converter. With the help of fluid, it locks and unlocks the planetary gears to shift and maintain read ratios. This technology was a turning point in the automobile industry where the driver has to do nothing regarding gear shifting.



No Manual Restrictions:

The automatic transmission provides very little or almost no restriction on gear shifting. The driver has nothing to do with gears and that is why he/she can focus on steering and road.

Ease of Use:

This is very easy to use since human involvement is less. In busy city traffic, it provides a hassle-free comfort driving. That is the result of why automatic cars are becoming the preferred choice for buyers.

ABC Balance:

Absolute no concept of ABC (Accelerator/Brake/Clutch). Everything is taken care of by fluid pressure and torque convertor. It is best for a new driver.



Fuel Efficiency:

The fuel efficiency is less as compared to manual transmission cars. That is because of the mechanism on which it runs. On average, it may show 1 to 2 kilometers lesser mileage per liter than a manual transmission car.

Lack of Human Control:

The human control over the gears is zero or very less. This is not a major drawback though still, a huge segment of buyers may not enjoy the fun side of driving.

Maintenance Cost:

The maintenance cost is slightly higher as compared to manual transmission cars. Since the concept itself is not as simple as manual transmission, therefore the cost is also comparatively higher.


The buying cost also higher than manual transmission cars. So, automatic transmission cars may not be an ideal option for budget car buyers.


Now the question arises, is it better to have a manual car or an automatic car?

The answer to this is a bit subjective still clear. To get a manual transmission car or an automatic one depends completely on the buyer’s choices, preferences, and priorities. People who love to drive, love to enjoy the core functionality and enjoy the engine and want to feel the power, can go with manual transmission cars.

People who love a hassle-free, smooth, and really don’t like traffic and still want to have a nice comfortable drive, automatic transmission cars are for you.

Hope the above information will help us in understanding one of the most commonly discussed topic manual vs automatic car. Chose your best car in any segment wisely as per your choice. Have a safe and fun ride 😊

Manual vs Automatic Car: Which is better to have?
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Manual vs Automatic Car: Which is better to have?
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