October 15, 2020
KIA Telluride

KIA Telluride Price in India | A Detailed Review

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The 2020 Telluride is big news for Kia. Car enthusiasts are madly want to know the KIA Telluride price in India. It’s the brand’s largest and most luxurious SUV to date. The Telluride looks really large. But is it going to be a big success or a massive fail? But, there are other cars in this segment where Telluride has to compete with like, Mercedes GLS, MG Gloster, and the world’s fastest SUV Audi RS Q8, etc. Let’s find out.


Dimensions wise, it’s length is 5000 mm long,  width is 1990 mm, and stands 1750 mm tall along with 2900 mm long wheelbase. At the very front, the Telluride has its Kia’s signature Tiger Nose grille and chunky vertical headlamps with LED DRLs.

The Telluride is based on the Kia Sorento. One thing that car buyers didn’t love about the Sorento is fixed on the Telluride. It’s bigger. It has more room on the inside. It’s more interesting on the inside. It’s more interesting on the outside. It has fancy headlights and giant wheels which looks cool. Unlike KIA Sorento, you cannot accuse the Telluride of being boring. It’s like Kia heard its customers with their minds. Because there’s wood trim. There’s metal trim. There’s piano black. There are leather-covered materials. There are soft plastics. The steering wheel feels great.


Menus and controls are pretty easy to figure out. It’s not like you’ve to go digging in this screen to get to like lane keep assist settings or something like that. Like, you can just do it all from here. Although, you may complain, once again as a short person, that you have to stretch to reach the controls on the far sides. But, that’s the problem for a very short driver.

Controls for the main stack are sort of divided up by theme. So you’ve got all of your climate controls running, including a heated steering wheel. Very snazzy. And then you’ve got NAV, and stereo system, and stuff, etc. Kia uses the horizontally mounted 10-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system. And it’s pretty cool. There’s a lot of space inside.

A lot of that has to do with the fact that the console is kind of low and not all up in your arm space. But there’s plenty of storage in it, anyway. It’s not like you’re missing that. We’ve got two USBs. And a 12 pull up, as well as a charging pad for phones. Then you’ve got cup holders. They’re a little bit small though. There is also another USB port in the console, which can fit a cube of water. The seats are incredibly comfortable for people of various sizes not just in the front, in the back, too. You can’t talk about a 3-row SUV unless you talk about the second and third rows.

Second Row

Let’s see what’s there and how the second row is. Lots of room. Very comfortable captain’s chairs. These are an option, if you need to carry more people, you could get the bench seat. Then it becomes an 8-passenger vehicle instead of a 7-passenger vehicle. But if you don’t have seven other friends, you’re ok with just carrying six people, then you get the captain’s chairs. You can get them heated and cooled. Either way the folks in the back have lots of space.

They have USB ports along with a 12-volt charging socket. They have an AC plug as well. KIA swears they tested these with child seats in the mand you can move them forward and get into the third row without taking the child seat out. But please, take the baby out before you do that. Let’s see what the 3rd-row is like.

Third Row

Hey, third-row passengers, you’ve got plenty of space back there. Lots of light especially if your parents sprung for the optional sunroof here that goes all the way back. But even if they were cheap and they didn’t, you still have your own windows on either side, which is kind of a cool thing in a third row.

You’ve also got USB ports, and cup holders, and vents. At the back seats, there’s one more safety feature that KIA has on the Telluride that really seems family-specific. It uses the cameras that would normally check for like rear cross-traffic, and backup camera, and stuff, to see if there’s traffic coming when you’re parked. And if it senses that a car or even a bicycle is coming up fast on the driver’s side. It automatically locks that door so that none of your passengers step right out into the path of traffic.

Not only does the Telluride have plenty of room for the people that are in it, but there’s room for all of the gear that you might want to bring as well. With the third row up you can still fit your groceries or a couple of suitcases behind. And if you start putting things down you’ve got 87 cubic feet. You can fit a lot in 87 cubic feet.


Kia Telluride is going to be launched in India within a price range of 35 lakhs to 45 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). As long as the price is concerned, other SUVs like Hyundai Palisade, Toyota Fortuner, and Ford Endevaour will be the rival to this. The price may look slightly higher, but if you see the style, design, comfort, drivability, and all other features along with the safety, the price is worthy.

This is a really good deal. So everyone’s been talking about the Telluride. Every one means people who are interested in buying three-row SUVs and everyone in the automotive industry, have all been talking about the Telluride since we saw the concept way back in 2016. Because it surprised everyone. It was so stylish. And it was like big and blocky when everything else is going to this kind of smooth lozenges shape. And it looks like a truck, but it drives like a car. It’s actually an amid-sized crossover. It’s front-wheel drive. We’re in the optional all-wheel-drive version. It drives really nicely.

Engine & Power

It’s very quiet inside, which will surprise you because it has a fairly large engine. It’s a 3.8 liter V6. And a lot of times the big engines are noisier, especially when they’re naturally aspirated, as this one is. Makes 291 horsepower. If you are doing off-roading especially in mountains, it won’t be a problem. There’s almost no wind noise.


The ride on the road is very quiet as well. There’s very little tire noise. There’s very little road vibration. So, you can say in terms of ride quality, like both thumbs up. The 3.8-liter engine in the Telluride is backed by an 8-speed automatic transmission, and it does a pretty good job. A couple of times on some of the steeper uphill sections you as a driver will feel, it drops down a couple of gears sort of looking for the right place to be. But it’s very unobtrusive most of the time. There are 5-different driving modes. Sort of the normal stuff, a sportier one, and an eco one, and one for driving around in bad weather. And if you have the all-wheel-drive version there’s like an all-wheel-drive lock. So not a locking differential exactly, like an electronic lock.

Safety Features

Safety is pretty important to KIA, and so they have a lot of safety things that are optional in some cars, standard in the Telluride. That includes even some kind of high-techie, stuff like adaptive cruise control.

The KIA engineers mentioned that they did a lot of work in this car to make visibility good not just for the driver, but for the passengers as well. The pillars are very thin. The pillars in the back are very thin. If you’re sitting in the third row, you have a full window. A lot of times in three-row SUVs, the poor kids in the back are like basically looking at a solid wall. But, that is not the case in the Telluride. Visibility is important in a car because, you know, it’s more enjoyable, obviously, and also, it makes you a safer driver, because you can see more.

Space & Comfort

You are really going to like the seats. They’re very comfortable. It will make you feel like having enough room. So that’s a win. There’s obviously plenty of headroom for the driver, even lifted up in the seat. And that headroom kind of applies all the way back. One of the benefits of having sort of a big, boxy shape is you have all that interior of the box to fill up with people and stuff.


Big car, a big success. The Telluride is comfortable, quiet, and capable. It looks like a brawler, but it’s really a total sweetheart. Not just the other mid-sized competitors, but the bigger SUVs too, better up their game.

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