October 23, 2020
Hyundai Venue iMT

Hyundai Venue iMT | QnA

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Question No. 1

What happens if you put it into first gear without pressing the brake?

The Hyundai Venue iMT is not quite like an automatic nor is it quite like a manual. It is like the gearbox itself something in between. So for a start, there’s no clutch pedal. So, you have to leave it in neutral to start it. Put your foot on the brake and press the starter button. Now to answer the question, can you put it into first without pressing the brake, so for that, make sure the hand brake is down. Leave it in neutral, take your foot off the brake, put it into first and it’s done. This can be treated as a safety feature as well.

Question No. 2

Does Hyundai Venue iMT have a creep function?

Yes, it most certainly does have a creep function. First, your right leg should be off the pedals. Then once you are in first gear, it will roll along just as if you would have put a manual car in first gear and let it do its thing. When you start out you’re not used to having no clutch pedal so your left leg does feel like it has to move around a little bit. But once you get used to that when you’re driving with just two pedals, you think you’re driving an automatic so you forget to shift sometimes.

Question No. 3

How does Hyundai Venue iMT work?

Now to explain this, let’s put it into context with an amt gearbox because this is sort of halfway between an amt and a manual. An amt gearbox is essentially a manual except for the fact that there are actuators doing the work for you that are controlled by software. There’s one set of actuators that operate the clutch in an amt and another set of actuators that operate the gear shift. The difference with the iMT is that the actuators are only to operate the clutch because you have to operate the gearshift manually yourself. So just imagine, there’s a little robot inside your gearbox somewhere and its little brain. It is trying to process which gear you need to be in and how to release the clutch. However, in this one, it only has to figure out how to release the clutch. So it’s a lot less work for it to do and its little brain tells the actuators when and how much to release the clutch, how much to slip it and it does that bit for you. So now, a question may arise that how does it know when you want to make a shift? Well, the simple fact is the moment you take the gear lever out of its gate say from second to third. It realizes and adjusts and it does it very smoothly. A buyer will definitely be impressed by how seamless the process is.

Question No. 4

Is that gear lever an electronic unit which sends a signal to a computer for gear selection?

No, this is not a shift by wire system. This is very much a mechanical manual gearbox. It’s just that the clutch is activated by actuators and sensors. So, yes while the clutch action is technically by wire the shifts themselves are all you.

Question No. 5

In which gear should we park it, neutral, or is it fine if we engage first gear?

Yes as you would with a manual gearbox, the iMT can be parked in first gear in Hyundai Venue iMT.

Question No. 6

How will it perform under sudden braking? will it keep the engine running or will it stall?

Honestly Hyundai Venue iMT, it doesn’t seem to be stalled. One way to do it is to put it in a gear higher than it needs to be in. But what happens then is, it immediately tells you to shift down. It will not stall, rather the engine will be on.

Question No. 7

Can we start it in a higher gear?

No, you can’t start Hyundai Venue iMT in two higher gear like fourth or fifth. But if you put it in second from a standstill, it will roll off with very little protest at least as long as you’re on a flat surface.

Question No. 8

How do the auto clutch and gear work while you try to move in an uphill condition from idle?

On a slope, pop it into first gear, touch the brakes, come to a complete halt. It will hold lift off the brake and it holds. No need to use the hand brake. Just tap on the accelerator and it will move again. However, the top-spec Hyundai Venue iMT SXO variant does get hill assist control.

Question No. 9

How do you manipulate the car through a waterlogged area like you would in a manual where you have to slip the clutch?

No in the event of driving through standing water which we do not recommend in any case, you cannot modulate the clutch because of course there is no clutch pedal. In that sense, it works more like an automatic. In that you just have to put it in one gear, give it some throttle and go for it.

Question No. 10.

Do all the red accents really look that good?

Whether they look good or not is up to you. But they actually have nothing to do with the iMT gearbox. These are part of Hyundai’s new sport package offered on the higher trims of the Venue. Irrespective of the engine and gearbox what you get are red accents all over the car including the roof rails and red brake calipers. Inside you’ll find new fabric upholstery with red piping red accents on the dashboard and the flat bottom butterfly steering wheel.

Question No. 11

How it will cope when the driver thrashes the car around some corners and needs to change up and down quickly?

Yeah, in Hyundai Venue iMT it shifts pretty well. The driver needs to practice the timing and it’s not quite as smooth as a perfectly executed manual shift with a good manual gearbox but it’s pretty impressive that it can shift quite well at high revs. The driver will also have to bear in mind that without a clutch pedal, he/she can’t get the same thrill of executing a perfect shift. Moreover, the driver can’t launch it hard from a standstill either.

Question No. 12

Is it possible to change gear when the accelerator pedal is buried to the ground?

Yes, you can shift while the accelerator pedal is flat to the floor. That’s really amazing but there is a little bit of a jerk and a hesitation when you do that. So as a result you’d rather not and you find yourself lifting off just because it’s so much smoother.

Question No. 13

How fast is it?

Against the testing equipment, 0-100 kph takes around 13.47 seconds and that’s a full 2.23 seconds slower than the manual and 1.57 seconds slower than the DCT with the same engine worth noting.

Question No. 14.

Some drivers have a habit of driving a car by keeping one hand on the gear knob always. In this case what will happen to the iMT? Will the clutch engage?

That’s an interesting question because merely resting your arm on the gear lever is not enough to tell it that you want a shift. You have to really give it some heft for it to know that you want to change gears.

Question No. 15

Kitna de ti hai(what’s the fuel efficiency or mileage)?

A car buyer always looks for the best mileage car. The fuel economy, like a manual gearbox, is entirely dependent on the driver. Because you are in full control of the throttle pedal and the gear shifts. You can control how much fuel you consume. If you shift early, you’ll consume less. It’s as simple as that.

Question No. 16

Are there any additional service requirements compared to a manual?

The good thing about the Hyundai Venue iMT is that it’s not a complex system. So, there isn’t really that much more hardware involved than you’d find in a manual. Most services should cost the same as the three-pedal version with perhaps a few additional wear and tear components needing to be replaced later on.

Question No. 17

What are the disadvantages of an iMT?

Well after driving it for a bit you will absorb the disadvantages of the iMT are that it doesn’t give you quite the same level of control as a normal manual gearbox would. You would like to sometimes modulate the revs and you could shift a lot quicker if you had control of the clutch by yourself. Yes at times you are sort of dampened by the response time of the sensors and the actuators that activate the clutch. And that’s usually when you’re shifting hard and fast in extremely high-performance situations. So, really Hyundai Venue iMT is a car that prefers to be driven at a more leisurely pace and that’s when it’s at its best.

You can shift with the accelerator better depressed but you don’t really want to do that because it’s really not smooth that way. But not having a clutch pedal has other disadvantages too. For instance, if you’re in a low grip situation like sand or slush or mud, you want to slip the clutch to help you get out of there. And that’s something you just cannot do in this car obviously but then again that’s a problem that plagues an automatic gearbox as well. At absolutely crawling speeds with just the slightest bit of throttle input. It can get a little bit jerky as the system tries to figure out how many clutches slip to allow for. But the moment you accelerate properly, it gets into its stride and it’s no problem at all.

Question No. 18

Is the iMT available with the diesel engine as well?

No, it’s not at least not right now but who knows maybe if it becomes popular. You’ll start seeing it offered with more and more engines. For now, though you can only have the iMT with the Venue’s 1-liter turbo petrol engine which can also be had with a regular 6-speed manual or a 7-speed dual-clutch auto.

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