May 7, 2021
How to drive a car

How to drive a car – A complete guide

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If you are a teenager, then definitely the question ‘how to drive a car’ must be knocking your head. Because the car is something that everybody wants to drive especially long routes to enjoy. Well, there are several ways to learn driving. We can learn car driving with the help of our parents, relatives, friends, etc but it is always advisable to learn from professionals. But before that, we need to understand the traffic rules, safety, in short, to understand the basics.

It is always advisable to keep some important things/factors in mind when you are learning the initial lessons of car driving. Not only the new car drivers but also it is necessary for practiced drivers too. You may also check out does mileage of a car depends on no of persons, 18-inch alloy wheel problems, etc. But for now, let’s start with some basic tips on how to drive a car.

How to drive a car – Driving tips

Know your car

The first thing in how to drive a car is to know about the car. You should be well aware of your car. That means you should know the functionality of mostly used parts. Understand the behavior of your car, know the use of the clutch, when and how to change the gear, the adjustment of mirrors, proper use of lights and turning signal, etc. You should also know about your car tyres, their position, etc which will help you in judging the relative distance especially in corners and during parking.

Adjust the steering wheel position

It is necessary to have a good reach to your car steering. Try to maintain a distance between you and the steering where you can easily manage to drive. As per many studies, the 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock positions are the most comfortable and widely accepted steering wheel positions. However, it is completely up to you.

Fix a comfortable distance with the pedal

Just like the steering wheel, you need to manage a comfortable distance between you and the pedals. You should be able to reach and manage pedals seamlessly. The confusion or any sort of delay or quick press on any pedal can be dangerous for you and for the others as well.

A correct seating position

To know, how to drive a car, we have to understand the importance of the seating position. Distance between you and your steering wheel or the pedals can be properly managed if your seating position is correct. Adjust your seat’s height and distance from the dashboard as per your height/weight and comfort. Try to seat straight and let your seat adjust with your backbone. It will help you to avoid back injuries as well in a long run. Studies say, your seating position should be in such a way that your eyes level should be equal to half of the windshield and your knees shouldn’t be stretched enough too.

Stay away from Distractions

Not only the beginners but also the skilled drivers get distracted many times. Especially, if you are new to driving and curious to know how to drive a car, then getting away from distraction is a must. If you are driving on a jam-packed road especially in a rush city, keep your senses alert else you may face accidents. Never forget to wear the seat belt. never ever drink and drive or even if you are not well or even if you are feeling drowsy. Adjust your side mirrors properly and use the indicators responsibly. Never change your lane immediately. Keep the traffic rules in mind always. Don’t be hurry after the traffic signal becomes green or don’t try to escape when the lights are getting red. Have patience.

Drive under the speed limit

You will get this instruction always from any trainer while learning how to drive a car. Most of the time, we over speed. Please don’t do that. There are thousands of vehicles on the road. Do not put yourself in danger or someone else’s life in danger. Temporary fun can be dangerous. Most of the roads have speed limits. Don’t cross that limit. Especially near schools or hospitals are, try to drop your speed.

Use the lights, indicators properly

This is an integral part of how to drive a car lesson. Always use your lights and indicators wisely. It will help others to know your intentions whether you will take left/right of even you are slowing down. Never forget to change your light intensity. That means, if you are driving at night and another vehicle is coming from the opposite end, then use the ‘deeper’ mode so that it will not flash directly on anyone’s eyes. Also, use for light in winters especially to have a better view. Never forget to turn on the parking lights if you are leaving your car for some time.

Avoid unnecessary honking

Honking shouldn’t be irritating. Most of the time people use it unnecessarily. It can really a disturbing factor for someone else. In any rush area, already everyone is tensed and honking can be an additional burden to other’s senses.

Maintain a safe distance from others

Always try to keep a safe distance from other vehicles. Most of the time, when the traffic signal turns green, people start moving. At that time, many vehicles take a small backward movement. So, if you haven’t kept a safe distance, it will be a blunder. One vehicle may hit the other standing right behind. Also, keeping a distance helps you for a safe overtake.

Keep calm

Most accidents happen due to careless or rush driving. Someone drives faster than usual because of any emergency or mostly out of the fun. In both cases, you lost your calm. So, it is one of the most important factors that need to be taken care of. If you are losing your calm and peace of mind while driving, your how to drive a car training is incomplete. If you are stuck for a long time in any traffic, then listen to some music, have some biscuits or chocolate and get relaxed. Don’t get irritated, don’t lose your temper. Stay calm to have a fun drive and stay safe.

Now, we know the basic fundamentals of how to drive a car. But still, there must be many questions that may be bothering you. So, let’s discuss some of them:

How to drive a car – FAQs

How do you drive a car for the first time?

There are many things you will encounter from your trainer if you join any institute to learn how to drive a car.  However, the 8 major points are:

  1. Adjust your car as per your choice, preference, and comfort
  2. Don’t be in a hurry
  3. Stay calm
  4. Don’t get disturbed
  5. Avoid overthinking any situation
  6. Avoid busy roads
  7. Take someone who knows driving well
  8. Take the route/road that you are well aware of

What are the steps to learn about driving a car?

Well, we have already discussed the same above. The 10 fundamental Do’s & Don’ts that anyone should keep in mind are:

  1. Know your car
  2. Adjust the steering wheel position
  3. Fix a comfortable distance with the pedal
  4. A correct seating position
  5. Stay away from Distractions
  6. Drive under the speed limit
  7. Use the lights, indicators properly
  8. Avoid unnecessary honking
  9. Maintain a safe distance from others
  10. Keep calm

Is it easy to drive a car?

It is quite subjective. It depends on your learning ability. However, in general, people find it difficult. In many driving schools, they provide 52 hours of learning and a minimum of 22 hours of practice. That means someone should be skilled enough by the end of 74 hours of training. Once you learn it, it is as simple as riding a bicycle or motorcycle.

Can you teach yourself to drive?

If you know the basics, then you can be an expert by driving all alone. But it does not really possible always to learn how to drive a car from scratch. It is not advisable too.

Is driving a car scary?

Yes! If you are a beginner, then, of course, it is if. But at the same time, it is quite exciting too. Just have patience, learn the basics first, get your own confidence and you are all set.

Is driving a car fun?

Absolutely! If you know how to drive a car properly, it is always fun. The fun of driving a car multiplies on long road trips.

How can I learn to drive without a car?

This sounds a little weird. But it can be possible up to some extent. Just to learn the basics, there are many driving institutes that provide driving training on simulators. Simulators are nothing but a replica of a car with all the instruments/elements that you find in a normal car. It provides you a virtual road with virtual other vehicles along with traffic signal through a LED screen. You can find similar arrangements in malls too nowadays. But don’t treat yourself as a real-time driver after this.


Have an amazing fun and safe drive!!!

How to drive a car - A complete guide
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How to drive a car - A complete guide
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