May 7, 2021
facelift car

Facelift car | Why do companies launch?

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This is the universal truth that “Change is the only constant”. This happens and needs to happen as well. Innovation and creativity are the keys to an advanced, easy, and comfortable life. The automobile industry is one of those industries that have to focus on continuous improvements. Because, a car deals with safety, style, comfort, power, stability/grip with better tyres and speed. Technology is changing every day and so is the demand for it. So, the car enthusiast/buyers are always looking for something extra, something more advanced and Tech-savvy product and feature. That’s why car manufacturing companies are always in search of a better product. They continuously launch new models or the same model with some advancement in a name of the facelift car.

Facelift Car

What does a facelift mean on a car?

Well, facelift car meaning is self-explanatory. facelift car meaning nothing but the same model with some additional features. In most of the facelift models, you may not find major changes in additional features rather you may discover the up-gradation of the existing features. Basically, car companies launch any facelift model to maintain their appeal and to compete or to become superior to their rivals.

The reason behind the concept of the Facelift car

Reason No.1: The automobile industry is one of the most talked about and booming industry. There are a lot of car makers in the market who are trying to capture as much percentage as possible and so as launching new models. That’s why the concept of a facelift car.

Reason No.2: Launching a new product requires a lot of time, energy, and money of course. Starting from planning, execution, manufacturing and promoting and launching, roughly, it takes around 3 years or more for a company. It is a lengthy and costly process. So, to save time, labor, and money, the facelift car is the solution.

Reason No.3: The major point that bothers the manufacturing companies is the success rate of the new model. If the new launch will fail to grab the attention, then it can really be a big loss for the company and mostly to its image.

Because of all these reasons, car manufactures are interested more in launching the facelift car model. Once a product or a car grabs a good percentage of the market, the company tries to make a profit even more as much as possible. But, since technology is changing so rapidly, to stay up to date, it has to be modified.

This modified version of the car (facelift car) may include the updated engine, more smooth clutch and gearbox, safety and emission as per the rules of the government (especially, if it changes). The facelift car model may also have changes in its exterior, front or backlights, the front grille, tires, ground clearance, overall looks, etc. Not only the exterior, many times, but you will also find the major changes in the interior as well. The interior style, comfort, seats, dashboards, infotainment system, other technical advancements, etc.

That’s why a car gets the facelift car model or version as per the demand of the customer so that it can continue its success rate.

If a car becomes very popular, it gets its own loyal fan base. To cope up with the trending technology and to compete with the competitors, the car company may launch its facelift car model, but the loyal customer base mostly still loves to buy the older one. Let’s see some of them who are still on sale in the Indian market because of huge demand even after the launch of their facelifts.

Hyundai Grand i10 and Grand i10 NIOS

Grand i10 was known as one of the most spacious cars in its segment and it truly is. Hyundai has always been known for its features. It provides the maximum features that no other car brand can provide in the respective segment. That’s why the Hyundai still has a huge loyal fan base for its one of the most successful models, The Grand i10 even after the next generation has already arrived, the Grand i10 NIOS.

Hyundai i10 and Grand i10

The ‘i10’ line-up has given a special identity to Hyundai in the Indian automobile industry. The very first model of the i10 line up was the Hyundai i10. The success rate was simply amazing. That’s why Hyundai is still selling the i10.

Hyundai Accent and Hyundai Verna

Not only in the hatchback segment, but Hyundai could able to capture a very decent percentage of the market in the sedan segment also. The successful launch of the Hyundai Accent was proof. However, the launch of the Hyundai Verna also became another big hit, but still, a good number of Accent is still getting sold.

Tata Indigo and Tata Zest

Both sedans are still available in the Indian market. However, Tata Indigo had gone far ahead comparatively, still, Zest has its own fan base who truly believe in it.

Skoda Octavia and Skoda Laura

Skoda is also in the same race. Both Octavia and Laura were and are quite lovable models from Skoda. People are buying both. That’s why Skoda is selling both with pride.

Facelift car | Why do companies launch?
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Facelift car | Why do companies launch?
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