October 24, 2020
car mileage tracker app

Car Mileage Tracker app – Reliable or Not? 🤷‍♂️

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Car mileage. A very friendly and well-known question or topic of discussion among the car buyers. What is the mileage? How to track the mileage of a car? What is the car mileage tracker app? how to improve mileage? Which are the best mileage cars? Apart from mileage, what are the other factors to buy the best budget car, etc? Due to the advancement of technology, car manufacturers are providing all possible techniques inside the car. It helps the driver as well as the co-passenger in providing more comfort and overall provides a better travel experience. Nowadays, cars are providing a lot of advanced features starting from safety to comfort to the latest stylish and fancy stuff that makes a car more appealing.

If we talk specifically about the infotainment system or the inbuilt features of the instrument cluster, carmakers are providing apple car play and android auto like facilities. What it does is, it allows the driver to connect his/her mobile phone and eventually the display becomes the replica of the phone. You can manage and operate a lot of things without even interacting with the car engine. The mobile or the car mileage tracker app can be operated solely by the user to check, measure the performance, mileage, tire pressure, engine critical issues, etc.

If we talk about the mileage, yes, of course, it can be measured by any dedicated app specifically installed for this purpose in your phone. There are many car mileage tracker app to measure the mileage of the car such as:

  1. Everlance
  2. Stride
  3. Mileage Expense Log
  4. TripLog
  5. MileIQ
  6. Hurdlr


Connection (internet):

Car mileage tracker app are many, but are the readings are accurate enough? Well, the answer to this is slightly subjective. Because accuracy depends on many factors. The major factor that can impact accuracy is connectivity. All these apps rely on connectivity (internet). If the connection between the vehicle (engine) and your phone is not smooth and consistent, then the app will not be able to capture the readings properly. However, some apps can run offline also, but again it may show some wrong values.

Apart from that, if the connection (internet) is not fast enough, then, the car mileage tracker app may show some errors and put you in trouble.


car mileage tracker app
Proper setting of app

If there is something wrong in settings, the car mileage tracker app may create problems. After installation, the app needs to be configured as per some pre-defined instructions. If the app is configured properly then only it can provide accurate results. Most of the time due to the lack of time or knowledge, we ignore or forget to make a proper setting and end up getting incorrect outputs.


car mileage tracker app
Update the latest version

App makers always provide new upgraded versions from time to time. The car mileage tracker app needs to be updated whenever an update comes. The updates are necessary because they come with some better features and with the solution to pre-existing faults. But due to laziness or lack of time, we don’t update our apps. As a result, in a long run, we realize a significant amount of difference between practical numbers and the app readings.


Getting incorrect or lagged information does not always because of some technical issues. It may happen because of our fickle mind nature. Most of the time we forget to connect the phone to the car. In fact, we connect but forget to enable the app most of the time. As a result, the car mileage tracker app losses a major chunk of time to evaluate or to track the mileage.

Apps can help us in tracking the mileage of the car. But they can’t help with improving it. It’s a good thing if we are regularly tracking the mileage, but in the end, we need to follow the car maintenance instructions mentioned in the manual. A car needs to be treated gently. Rash driving will definitely cause a huge investment later.

Have a safe and fun drive😎

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