July 5, 2022


Welcome to CARS ON ROAD. Here you will find everything about cars everyday. Our vision is to take you deep into the world of cars and unfold the truth and make you knowledgeable enough to take your right buying decision.

The Indian automobile industry is one of the most booming sectors in India and it’s because of your interest. That’s why, we and you, are here. We will provide you the latest updated information about the newly launched as well as about the upcoming cars to help you know the correct information. Whether it’s the exterior or interior, features, technology, engine, mileage, price, etc, we are here to guide you. We will also provide an idea of how a car performs on road along with the drivability and comfort by taking inputs from the industry experts.

We will also try to solve many car-related problems that a car owner faces in his/her daily life. So, you can be aware of some technicality and how to treat your car well and can avoid wasting your hard-earned money on maintenance.

We will also disclose some of the myths that we all have about cars whether it’s related to mileage, maintenance, or even related to the engine/power configuration versus actual delivery.

We will not only try to help you in getting out of scams, misguiding information/people but also, we’ll try to make you understand, how to deal with the dealers to crack the best purchase deal and how to deal and negotiate with the first owner (if you are buying a second-hand car).

Here, you will get to know about the basic key-points that need to be taken care of before spending your precious time and money on buying a car. Also, things that you need to keep in mind while dealing with any third-party dealership.

About Founder/Author

Sambit Khuntia

Sambit Khuntia is the Founder & Author of CARS ON ROAD. He has done his B.Tech in Comp. Sc & Engg (CSE) and MBA in Operations/IT & Marketing. Currently working as a Data Management Specialist Int. in an MNC. A car enthusiast, obsessed with cars, and a certified blogger.

He is curious to explore and loves to play with data. He believes in facts and stays away from wrong information. He is a car enthusiast and has done internships and worked in the automobile industry at a global scale and has a pretty much a deep understanding of this sector.

Email Address: sambitkhuntia02@gmail.com

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